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Founded in 1924, the Greater Baltimore Urban League, Inc. (GBUL) is a 501 (c)(3) civil rights organization. We are committed to alleviating the circumstances that create inequalities in the lives of African Americans and other minorities in Maryland by headlining the issues and inspiring actions to eradicate them. At our core we consider INEQUALITY AS UNACCEPTABLE. This guiding principle drives steadfast work of enabling African Americans and other marginalized communities to secure a first-class quality education and an equitable and sustainable career. Empowering communities and changing lives, the GBUL is leading the way in supporting, advocating and providing direct services across the Baltimore Metropolitan area with amplified concentration on Baltimore City.

Changing the future requires bold leadership — leadership that is unafraid of acknowledging the central role of race and the systemic, institutionalized racialized inequities that have been created over generations. Leading with race is inclusive. It is not meant to benefit only African Americans or other People of Color, but to offer, as a philanthropic legacy to present and future generations, a future in which opportunity is not apportioned by race, or gender, or sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or income.

Seeking Highly to rebrand our historical organization into our energetic new modern advocacy, support, and service to our communities, highly emphasize the work we are actually doing.

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