Sean Kirby

I am no good at autobiographies. I am never sure what to say or not say. I can say that I’m a human who is fortunate to do something I love. I spent a long time pursuing it. I did not know when I was young that this is what my calling was. And fell in to rather accidentally.

I can also say that these are crazy uncertain times. But maybe all time is crazy and uncertain. Now it just feels a little more palpable. I am not sure what else to say. I love being on set. The rush, the stress, the planning and execution. I miss it. But there are, for now, just bigger fish to fry.

I will say that I believe camera and lighting should always serve the story and not the other way around. And working with passionate people who care will always make the job a joy.

I want to listen. And help.

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Videographer DP Director


Instagram: @Thekirby