Amanda DaSilva

Me in a nutshell: Writer, artist, fitness pro, photographer, drawer, seamstress. I work in the fitness industry but also hold a BFA in writing, Literature, and publishing. I am a pro with words esp creative ones. I am also great at taking someone’s experience and turning it into story (happy to send the creative ways I capture my grandparents immigration story to show examples of how art can reflect life through word). Along side that I am also an artist. I do not yet do digital work but I do draw and would love to submit work to verify. This is ideally where I’d like to contribute. My second media handle @arabidpanda show cases my traveling photography. I’m planning on growing this aspect of my art. Further more, I also sew. I know some of these are not designated marks on your register. However, I think they are still valuable points of contribution. Activism is a huge part of my soul. I would love to contribute to is creativity. For me it’s big that we shout from all platforms that Black Lives Matter, and that we make it impossible to ignore the stories and messages.

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Instagram: @arabidpanda