Alex Murry

I am a writer, producer, and strategist with ten years of experience working professionally as a creative for a number of NYC-based nonprofits and media outlets. I have produced over 50 live events on topics such as police brutality, voting rights/voter engagement, public health, and protest art for institutions such as the Apollo Theater, Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Radio, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and more. I am also an experienced social media manager and content creator. I am currently finishing my MBA in France (specializing in strategy and entrepreneurship); my thesis is on the socioeconomic impact of decolonizing cultural institutions. My main artistic offer is as a writer, given that I am abroad—I am an excellent speechwriter and copywriter, and can do contracts and grant writing as well. Prior to grad school, I worked for the Apollo Theater (producing community events), a criminal justice reform nonprofit (managing communications and social media), and New York Public Radio (producing events, doing outreach, and managing audience development). In addition to English, I speak French (advanced) and Tagalog (intermediate-advanced).

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